Reginald "Reggy" Liger, Cisco Cyber Security Specialist

Keynote Presentation:  Leadership & Securing the Power of Technology

Reginald Liger is a strategic, self-motivated, and driven leader passionate about driving efficiency, leveraging innovation to solve challenging customer problems and positively impacting the business. Reggy comes from a large engineering background and is currently a Cisco Cyber Security Specialist in Raleigh, NC. Reggy is a provider of solutions unique to customers' problems and changing needs through execution and relationship building.

His competencies include:

  • Building collaborative relationships with Cisco partners to facilitate customer management operations to better align business goals and promote customer success.
  • Initiative & Entrepreneurial Orientation through process improvements in platform deployments, operation readiness testing, and team onboarding.
  • Flexibility in a changing market to drive team success.
  • Customer first mentality.
  • Strategic Thinking to align customer and company success through proactive changes to the platform and process improvements.

Reggy is a founder of a non-profit orgnization, Foundation of the World. One of his aspirations is to have Foundation of the World all over the United States and abroad helping people, especially the country of Haiti. Reginald's leadership experiences have helped him develop different skills such as creativity, interpersonal skills, proficiency in technical writing, data management and analysis; strong organizational skills and excellent time management skills. Reginald has direct experience leading different types of teams in business, charity and personal endeavors. He has entrepreneurial experience in charity and business which has led to developing excellent leadership, presentation, and marketing skills.

Foundation of the World:

Link Computer Corporation was founded in 1980 by Tim Link. Originally, Link provided custom programming services for IBM mid-range systems. As the company grew, we evolved into additional fields to service our customers better. Now, entering our 37th year of business, we continue to adapt, evolve and improve as a premier IT provider on a daily basis, never relinquishing our drive to be better. We continue to research, invest in, and develop our portfolio of products and services. Today more than ever, we cover a broad spectrum of technical services, such as unified communications, data center strategies, remote access and connectivity, network security, wireless, managed services offerings, NetCare and our hosted applications.

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